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Cake SaleMolly and RebeccaHome Economics occupies a very central place in the life of Sligo Grammar School. Wonderful smells waft from the HE kitchens at all times through the week and the students are often engaged in fundraising via bake sales. Every student in the school is delighted when a bake sale for charity is announced at assembly and the queues to buy cookies and buns have to be seen to be believed!

It’s more than just cooking, though, as students learn sewing and crafting skills of all kinds which are seen at their best in the fantastic craftwork submitted each year for junior cert exams..

1st yr students at patchwork HE 

Above: First Year Students learn about patchwork while others bake goodies!

MARCH 2020
Despite the “lockdown”, Mrs Hall’s 1st yr. HomeEconomics classes have been continuing their practical cooking classes at home. Mrs Hall has been uploading recipes and baking demonstrations online and the 1st years have been sending her pictures of the finished results. Don’t they look delicious!!

Below: An example of Junior Cert Craftwork. 

JC craftwork HE


Cooking is an important part of the Junior Cert course and we have here some of the recipes used in class for you to try at home!

Chicken fajitas

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