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The Housemistress looks after the smooth running of the Hermitage and the welfare of the border girls She deals with any problems that may arise and tries to keep everybody happy.  Many members of the teaching staff are involved in supervising the house on a rota basis.  A team of live in staff look after the girls at night.

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The staff on duty are assisted by a very cheerful and able group of House Prefects who help co-ordinate getting boarders to the right place on time.  They play a very valuable role in the dorms where they keep an eye on the younger girls and “TLC” (tender, loving care!) is available if the need arises.

There are four dorms which are arranged by year groups and split up into cubicles. Two year groups usually share and each dorm has an assigned prefect with their own cubicle.

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Prep (or study) takes place every evening from 6.30 to 9.30 with a 20 minute break. First to Fifth year are in the main study hall with assigned seats and sixth years are provided with their own study cubicles.

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