Sligo Grammar School strives to create a strong sense of unity and family atmosphere within  school. This is particularly important for Sligo Grammar School as we are a home away from home for our boarders, many of whom come to us from other countries. Our boarding students are supported within the boarding houses by their House Parents whose duty it is to ensure that they are happy and their needs are looked after. 

Diane and Patricia House Parents

Pictured above are our Matrons and House Parents.

Pastoral Care, therefore is an important element in the day to day running of the school. Both Day pupils and Boarders benefit from the interest and care shown to them by the staff of the school, both teaching, administration and ancillary staff. It is clear the minute you set foot inside the school that there is a friendly and mutually respectful atmosphere between staff and students. 

Added to the generally caring atmosphere of the school is a well-established Pastoral Care Team. Each class group has a dedicated Form Teacher who can deal with any problems that may arise within a class. There is a Junior School Co-ordinator and  a Senior School Co-ordinator. They liaise with staff, students and parents, ironing out problems, both academic and personal, as they arise.  A matron is always available to deal with any medical emergency, however small, and is always willing to give a little time to a student in need of a chat! The school also has a Chaplain who is always available. 

Rev. Bamber acts as our School Chaplain
Rev. Bamber acts as our School Chaplain

There is a permanent Guidance Counsellor whose role is to provide personal and careers guidance. Sligo Grammar School also liaises with the HSE and has access to a  psychologist who comes into the school on a regular basis to help students who need some support. 

We also have a dedicated Special Needs department housed in The Lodge where we offer academic support to those with special educational needs. 

Sligo Grammar School takes its Pastoral Care duties very seriously as we understand that our students must be happy in school if they are to achieve their potential. 

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