The Cabin is a small hut situated to the right of the main entrance.  The CabinThe purpose of the Cabin is to provide a Christian space using new and fresh methods.  Although small, it has a number of small areas within it.  The construction of the Cabin would not have been possible without the help of the Church of Ireland Priorities Fund. The Cabin is used by everyone: students, parents and school staff alike.


This year, with the departure from the teaching staff of Ruth Galbraith, the Cabineers are under the guidance of Mr. Damian Shorten. Students gather in this comfortable space to chat and have the occasional treat! 

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Inside cabin Christmas 2015
Inside cabin Christmas 2015

 Christian Union 

 There is currently a small group of students who meet as a Christian Union.  They meet at lunchtimes in the Cabin every Wednesday.  They are given a chance to express their opinions in a relaxed atmosphere. They have a committee of students who have taken over a lot of the running of the meetings and organising the events.


 “The Cabineers” 

The Cabin has also a more casual group called “The Cabineers” running at lunchtimes on Fridays.  This group is aimed at Juniors only and each week there is a short activity, a thought for the week and a prayer.  The activities can involve arts and crafts, watching a clip, playing a game or an exchange of ideas.  

This group also makes and uses prayer stations – e.g.using a shredder, stones, shells, prayer wall or prayer chain.  In previous years The Cabineers have been responsible for special activities coming up to Christmas and for decorating The Cabin.

 Parents Prayer Group

A number of parents meet on regular occasions to pray.  They pray for the school, students and other issues.  This is a good way for parents to give something back to the school.  Anyone interested in being notified about this group should contact the school or Canon Bamber.

Fields of Life

For news on our Fields of Life project please see our special projects page.

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