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For the past number of years Sligo Grammar School has been involved in the Fields of Life project. 

What is Fields of Life?

Fields of Life is a Christian organisation which supports communities in order to enable them help themselves.Sligo Grammar School was involved in the building of a Fields of Life School in Bajja, near Masaka, in Uganda.The school was represented by pupils, staff, parents and past pupils on a trip to paint the school just after it was opened.

Fields of Life Mission Statement:

Fields of Life is committed to sharing the Christian faith by collaborating with local communities and churches in East Africa to bring about positive change through the provision of quality education, clean water, health promotion and other community based projects. It is our vision to see 1,000,000 people in Central East Africa impacted practically with the good news of the gospel by 2015 and to act as an effective Christian response to communities gripped with poverty and suffering.


Victo, whose education in Uganda SGS sponsors
Victo, whose education in Uganda SGS sponsors

In 2007 a first year class in the Grammar took on the task of raising the €218 needed each year to sponsor Victo Athienno. Since then different class groups have raised the sponsorship each year by a cake sale and carol singing. Victo is now 15 years old and like many Ugandan children has only one parent. Many children in Uganda are either orphans or have only one parent. If anyone is interested in sponsoring a child themselves please contact the school for more details.

Victo’s Christmas Letter/Card 2015:

Dear Friends,

How are you these days and let me hope that you are fine I would like to thank you for paying my school fee and I pray that god gives you a longer life and also bless you and your family. In this current term , the second term,we are going to register for the Uganda National Examination. My best subjects are the science subjects and I would like to become a doctor in the future, I like playing basketball and my best friends at school are Aisha and Mary. I also involve myself in music and I like it a-lot. The weather in Uganda  is rainy season and some times its cold. I love you and will always pray for you.



victoathiennofamily.jpg img019 img026

Above is a photo of Victo and her family and the Christmas card and a letter Victo sent to her sponsors in Sligo Grammar School.


 Mr Cassidy leads the Sustainable Living project in the school. This is an attempt to make students think about their impact on the environment and their responsibility for it. 

Sustainable LivingVarious Sustainable Living projects have been set up in recent years for the Transition Year students. Experts in the area of sustainable living have come to talk to students and in response to this the students, with their teachers, have taken on environmental projects of various kinds. Projects include building a leaf mould in the Herm garden and maintaining a compost bin.  

The TYs of 2017/18 made an Insect Hotel!


 One of the very popular Sustainable Living projects has been centred in the woodwork room. In this workshop, the students created a range of items from salvaged timber.  This includes a raised bed and outdoor seat as well as some extra seating for the TY locker area. The students are so proud of their furniture that for the last two years the TYs took their bench with them to the 5th year locker area!

sus living 1 Sustainable Living


Art on View


The art department in the school is a very active and vibrant one. The art room is always a hive of activity  with students coming in and out on various projects – art students and non-art students alike!

art on walls 2 art on walls 1

Ms. Hynes makes a consistent effort to keep the work of her pupils on view throughout the school and has frames around the walls to display their work. This changes a few times a year as the students produce new work. After the Junior Cert results are out the 3D work of the art students is displayed in the hall outside the Staff Room along with work from HE and woodwork students. All parents and families are welcome to drop in to see what their sons and daughters have produced. 

Junior Cert work from Art, HE and Woodwork students
Junior Cert work from Art, HE and Woodwork students

Art in ED


In recent years the Sligo Grammar School Art Department and the Emergency Department in Sligo General Hospital have joined forces and some of the work of the students is on display in the ED waiting room. This work is changed twice a year and is a great forum for art students to see their work displayed in public. 


Junk Kouture

For the last four years Sligo Grammar School has entered the National Junk Kouture design Competition. Each year we have had Regional Finalists with a National Finalist in 2015

The competition is a challenge to design and construct an outfit entirely from re-cycled materials. Interested TY students have a Junk Kouture class each week to help them prepare for the competition.

Three of the outfits submitted for this years competition are shown below.

The outfit “Eden”, designed by Kitty Bird and Juno Ellison and modelled by Nina Ndu-Nwogo got through to the Regional Finals but unfortunately did not make it to the National finals. 


Here are some pictures of the 2015 entry which made it to the National finals.  The work was done by Tory and Katie McGlynn and Lydia Craig and the outfit was called “Sea-Cycled”

Junk kouture finalist Getting ready for JunkKouture copy

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