Welcome First Years of 20-21

Posted on : September 1, 2020

On Tuesday 1st September the First Year students of 2020-2021 started their secondary school education.  It was an unusual introduction as the students and teachers were all wearing masks and keeping a social distance. TY students acted as mentors, showing the students around the school and helping them find their classes. This year the junior years will all have a base classroom and teachers will travel to them instead of the normal system where the students move from room to room. Only specialist rooms such as the TG, Woodwork, Art, HE and Music rooms, as well as Science Labs,  will be as normal. Photos were taken as the First Years stood at social distance on the hockey pitch – one photo with masks and one without. We also took photos of the masked-up students in their classrooms. It will be an interesting set of photos to look back on in six years time when, hopefully, mask-wearing and social distancing will be a thing of the past! See the photos HERE.

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