Walk for Water

Posted on : April 26, 2022

This year SGs has been very active in bringing issues around Climate change to the forefront of our minds. The Green Schools and Sustainable Living groups in TY have been doing sterling work in this area but so also have the junior years. On Monday 25th April the work continued with first year students, accompanied by TY students,  undertaking a “Walk for Water” along the Garavogue River from Sligo town to Doorley Park. The walk was part of a campaign organised by AidLink, a NGO dedicated to the empowerment of communities in Kenya and Uganda. AidLink works to end the water and sanitation crisis in these parts of Africa, so helping to break the poverty cycle, increase school attendance and save lives. On their walk the students filled and carried 5-litre containers of river water, learning through experience what it must be like for children throughout drought-ridden countries to have to carry water long distances. The “Walk for Water” helped the students grasp the reality of children living on the frontline of Climate Change in Africa.  An extra “well done” goes to the first years (1D) who have raised over €500 for AidLink. This money will help fund community boreholes, allowing access to fresh water, thus allowing the children remain in school instead of undertaking long and arduous journeys to collect water for their families. Thanks to Ms Moore, Mr White and Ms Tiernan for organising the event and accompanying them on the walk.

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