Valedictory Day 2021

Posted on : May 16, 2021

Friday 14th May saw the last day of classes for the Leaving Cert  class of 2021. This year the “last day” experience was better than it was for the class of 2020, who were at home on Lockdown for theirs. For the class of 2021 there was the camaraderie of the last day although it was a considerably toned down event. A Fancy Dress Day was scheduled (as part of the Creativity/Positivity Week) to coincide with the Last Day,  so 6th years went all-out to dress up for the occasion. The day began, not with the traditional “sit-down” Sixth Year Breakfast, but with breakfast rolls eaten outside “picnic style”, some teachers also providing goodies for dessert! Then the whole school went to class where the teachers showed the pre-recorded Valedictory Service and the Head and Deputy Head Boys and Girls read and delivered speeches full of nostalgia for their six years in SGS. After the Service there was a “virtual” concert where the many musicians and singers from throughout the school performed on screen. The music was great and it was wonderful to hear everyone as we hadn’t had any of the usual lunch-time concerts this year. The sixth years then had PE class and used the time to have a bit of friendly inter-class rivalry on the soccer pitch. Not as exciting as the traditional 6th year Vs Teachers match, but great fun for all involved nevertheless! We took a moment to grab a quick photo of the year before they had to socially distance again and head home.  The students will be going into study hall until the exams begin. We wish them all the best in the Leaving Cert and in their future careers.

Photos can be seen HERE 

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