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Posted on : December 7, 2020

This year SGS has been running a dedicated Young Scientist class and three groups have been accepted to compete in the BT Young Scientist 2021 competition. The competition takes place on 6th – 8th this year and due to Covid-19 will be a virtual event. Mia Sawai Brandon and Anushka Pathak are examining “The juxtaposition of society’s clashing beliefs on the mental health of youth.” The girls explain… “Our project is about the gap in understanding between adults and teenagers when it comes to the topic of mental health. Since we started secondary school, we have noticed that while both adults and teenagers want to help teens with their mental health problems, both groups have vastly different ideas of how this should be done. With our project, we want to figure out the causes for this gap in understanding, and find a way to bridge it.” Cormac Shannon, Lewis Murphy and Rory Carr explore the energy saved by automatically turning unneeded devices on and off when we enter and leave a room. Devices may include lights, speakers, TVs and other appliances that are often left on unused when people leave the room. Their project is called “Haus”. “Tech Tap” is the project  presented by Francesca Reddington, Louise Casey and Lara Swann. They are designing an app to help the elderly communicate better with friends and family and log daily reminders for different daily activities effortlessly. We wish all the groups well in the competition and thanks a million to Ms Higgins who is their teacher – and mentor!



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