Mask On/Mask Off Goes Public

Posted on : May 4, 2022

Last May SGS launched a Whole-School Art Project to mark the impact of Covid-19 on the life of the school. Everyone in the school bought into the project and the finished work can now be seen on the staircase wall. Ms Hynes, who managed the project, submitted the work to the Arts in Education Portal, the key national digital resource of arts in education in Ireland. We are delighted to report that Mask On/MaskOff has been selected for inclusion in the projects section of the Portal. The selection committee agreed that although the project did not involve an external artist, as would be usual for the projects selected, they felt it was a significant project to showcase. “The project acknowledged the difficulties presented to each individual during their experience of COVID and it was a very valuable project as it gave a voice to each member of the school community”, they said. You can view the project on-line at

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