Transition year is  an opportunity for all students to try out new projects and ideas. Over the years our TYs have taken on many new challenges and projects. Here are a few recent ones.

Sustainable Living

TY students have a module called Sustainable Living where they use recycled materials to make furniture and other projects. This year one of their projects was to make an “Insect Hotel out of discarded pipes and other rubbish. 

Young Social Innovators

A group of TY students are involved in the Young Social Innovators project which en- courages young people to take an interest
in social issues of all kinds.

This year 
the topic the TYs decided to tackle was water safety. On the 24th of March the students took part in a “speak out” competition at the Clayton hotel. The students performed fantastically and their props were amazing!! Thank you to Mr.Henry for being the best!

In 2017/2018 The TY students researched the issues surrounding obesity and diet in young Irish people.

In 2016/2017 our students are researching the issue of micro-beads in skin- care products. The YSI  group were awarded a Highly Commended Award in the National Final of the competition. 


For the past two years TY students have run a school bank in conjunction with the AIB “Build a Bank” project. The Bank is a great way for students to learn about running a business as well as get an insight into the financial world.


On the 26th of
February a group
of Transition Year
students began
working on their
 Cansat project.
Cansat encourages
students to make a
miniature satellite
that can measure
pressure, temperature and from
the information collected create a formula to measure altitude. The team consisted of Jacob Casey, Angelina Heenes, India Sentis, Adam Henry, Ezekiel Cashmen Legg and Hannah Ryan. Everyone in the group has a great interest in physics or programming. Jacob was the team leader, Adam and India were in charge of the programming, Hannah handled sewing the parachutes, Ezekiel did the power point and presentation, India was the one who soldered the whole thing together. The students added fairy lights to make the satellite more visible. The team named their satellite Oppy after the Mars Land Rover. When we inter- viewed Indie she said ”throughout the project I loved the teamwork aspect and the camaraderie. My programming and time management skills improved.” Well done to everyone.


Junk Kouture

Junk Kouture is a national competition to encourage recycling. SGS has entered for the last number of years, getting through to the Regional finals most years and getting through to the National Finals in 2015/16.  Students work in teams of up to three to design, make and model the outfit. After the competition is over the students take the opportunity to learn how to cut and make their own clothing from scratch. They are taken on a field trip to a local fabric shop and choose patterns and fabric and make their own outfits. They find this experience very rewarding and they are amazed by the new skills they learn. 

Young Enterprise Mini-Company

Mini-Companies have been an integral part of TY Business Studies over the years. This year the TY group setup a a company making and marketing chopping boards.

Sky sports “Living for Sport” 

TY students get a chance to take part in the Sky Sports “Living for Sport” programme, which is a sports day to teach students life lessons for success in sport. 



This year TY science enthusiasts once again got involved in the SciFest programme. The programme aims to encourage a love of science and technology. Students are asked to present and display their scientific investigations, which cover a huge range of areas of interest. Both students and teachers found the experience very rewarding.

In 2016/2017 they presented projects as diverse as “Water Bottle Rockets” and an investigation entitled “Do Preferences Bias our Choices?” 

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