The President’s Award, Gaisce, is a National programme designed to encourage students to push their boundaries out and gather experience in areas they would not otherwise explore.

There are three levels of achievement, starting at Bronze and working through Silver to Gold.

Every year Sligo Grammar School TY students opt to go for the Bronze award and sometimes students in 5th year go on to claim their Silver award.



This year we had 27 students completing their Bronze Gaisce Award. During TY they took on a physical skill, a personal skill and a community involvement activity. The final part of their Gaisce Award was to complete an Adventure Journey. On the 29th of August, they travelled to Westport, where they cycled the Greenway from Achill to Westport, a distance of nearly 50 km. The students stayed overnight in a hostel in Westport. Our Bronze Gaisce Award students should be congratulated on their achievement and their enthusiasm and commitment to the award. Thank you to Ms Tiernan and Mrs Lipsett for making it all possible!

Students  have to complete 1 hour a week in Personal, Physical and Community activities for a total of 13 weeks for 2 of the sections and 26 weeks for 1 of your choice. They then have to complete an adventure trip.  

Achieving this award demands commitment on the part of the student, but in return the student is rewarded with a great sense of achievement and community spirit. there are also health and creative benefits as the students take up a new activity and develop new skills. 

Examples of community involvement might be working with people with special needs, training younger sports teams or working with community groups to make the area a better one to live in.

The Personal and Physical components might encompass things like taking up a new sport or activity in one of the many local clubs – the list is endless, and learning a skill be it cooking, playing music or gardening. 


If they wish students can continue to work for the Silver Award in 5th or 6th year. 

Students who participate in the Silver Presidents Award need to put in twice the amount of effort as they did with their Bronze Award if they wish to succeed .


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