TY Bonding Trip 2017/18

Below are some examples of TY events.To begin the start of the exciting year, the TYs travelled to Connemara Adventure Centre for an opportunity to bond with the new students. After over two hours on the bus we were ready to embrace what Connemara had to offer. As there were 84 of us we were divided into three groups and set off on our activities. One group climbed the never-ending 445m high summit called ‘Diamond Hill’ which was a most challenging and rewarding experience as the view was spectacular. Another group went orienteering through the boggy forest searching for the hidden numbers 1-12 on the trees. Unfortunately no.7 appeared to have ‘disappeared’! The third group was taken out on the nearby lake for kayaking which was enjoyable. After an action-packed day the friendly staff prepared a nutritious meal. That night we gathered around a bonfire which was a heart-warming experience. Around 25 courageous students volunteered to sleep in a bivvy bag in the forest for the night while the rest of the students slept in comfortable beds in a hostel. This meant trying to get comfortable lying on tree twigs and stumps in a waterproof survival bag with no phones or food. We were described as sardines in a tin! This opportunity was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and was highly recommended. We encountered a wild goat and talked till dawn. On returning to the centre we looked like bears during hibernation but had grins on our faces and many memorable, amusing stories to tell. After a final BBQ we set off reluctantly back to Sligo and caught up on some sleep! Thank you Mr Lynch, Mr Gavin, Ms Finnerty, Ms Higgins and Mr. Price for making it possible.

Simon Yates Talk

SGS was delighted to have Simon Yates speaking to our TY students about his mountaineering adventures around the world, from being a fifteen year old amateur rock climber, to his near brush with death, to being a three-time published writer. Simon Yates is a professional mountain climber from Leicestershire, England. He has a degree in biochemistry and is best known for his time spent climbing the Siula Grande with Joe Simpson. The Suila Grande is in the Huayhuash mountain range in the Peruvian Andes. It was a previously unclimbed mountain before Yates and Simpson began their expedition. It is 6,344 metres high. They went up the mountain without too much difficulty. On their descent, an accident resulted in Simpson breaking his right leg and heel and, to continue descending, Yates had to use ropes to lower Simpson down the mountain in stages. During the night in bad weather, Yates accidently lowered Simpson over an unseen cliff edge with only Yate’s hold on the rope to prevent him from falling. After holding himself and Simpson on the mountain for over an hour and a half, Yates made the conscious decision to cut the rope with a knife he had with him at the time. Yates then continued on down the mountain towards base, all the while calling out for Simpson. Yates then made it back to base, thinking Simpson had been killed. Unbeknownst to Yates, Simpson survived the fall and reached the base camp four days later. Simpson was then brought to hospital, and later returned to England with Yates. After the Suila Grande climb, Yates went on to carry out expeditions to several different mountains from Pakistan to Chile. Yates is also now the author of three autobiographical books about his experiences mountaineering. He also continues to enjoy climbing and leading expeditions.

TY 2016/17

Bonding Trip

Early in September, the Transition Year go on a bonding trip. This year they went camping in Lough Key Forest Park. The annual bonding trip is a great way for TYs to get to know one another. 

TY Camping Sept 16TY Camping Sept 2016 1

Whole-School Walk

In  September TY students organised a whole school walk as part of  the European Week of Sport. All the students and a good few teachers took part in a school walk along the scenic Garavogue River to Doorly Park and back, a distance of 4km. TYs acted as marshals along the route. The school has done this walk for the last few years as part of the drive to promote healthy lifestyles.

TY Awards Night 

Every May the Transition Year Class celebrates their TY achievements in a special Awards Night. They present a review of the year, with many students speaking about the year’s events and activities.  Funds raised during the year are distributed among many local charities such as the North West Hospice, the Cancer Support Centre, St Vincent de Paul and the Alzheimers Society, among others. 

Fashion Show

In May 2017 Transition Year students organised and ran a fashion show in aid of the National Council for the Blind, Ireland. The project was run entirely by the TY group with MCs, models, sound technicians, back- stage crew, interval acts and raffle organisers all coming from TY. The night was great fun and €550 was raised for NCBI.

End-of-Year trip away

To finish the year, the whole TY class sets off on a camping trip, this year to Achill Island. These trips are always a high point and a lovely way to end the year. 








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