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Our library, in the capable hands of Mrs Rita Shannon, is a wonderful resource for the students and teachers. The library is home, not only to a fantastic collection of books, magazines and daily and weekly newspapers, but also to the Chess Club and the Lunchtime Debates. In January it was the base for the Ocean FM broadcast from SGS.

Assisted by a team of TY students, Mrs Shannon keeps the books up-to-date and in good condition and every student in the Grammar School has a free library ticket assigned to them – they need only call up and collect it.

The Library is open every lunchtime and all students are welcome to use it. Many students find it a calm and peaceful retreat from the noise and action of the locker areas.

This year the library has comfy and cheerful new chairs generously given by the Sligo Grammar School Alumni. Ideal for a relaxing read!

This month the Library Team have gathered books to help us all “Be Happy!” We had a special wellbeing week just before St Patrick’s Day and the library team wanted to organise a display/book collection that reflected the idea of wellbeing and a positive outlook.  It took a few weeks to organise, but last week they got it finished. They set up a comfy space – the “Be Happy!” nook – and everyone is welcome to sit and chill out with a positive book in the “Be Happy” space.

Mrs Shannon and her team put together displays that reflect current events  and celebrations as well as presenting collections of books that reflect a theme of interest to the students. Here are some examples…


library papers library love heart A christmas tree 2

The Library Christmas Tree made of books is now almost a tradition in the Grammar School.



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