Wednesday 21st of September ,  Transition year students had a poetry workshop. Speaker, Stephen Murray came to talk about different approaches to everyday poetry. Ty’s were asked to write poems that express there feelings.  Here are some of their work and more can be found on 


Tearing Down Walls

Forced to search for meaning and devotion
With my friends and peers
Life is always in comparison.

Rebuilding the wall that I once tore down
Just for that one person I put trust in
But now I regret to cause deep within
I know in only myself I trust
Only will this brick walls turn to dust
When one gives me a reason to strive
Only then I will know my purpose in life.

Trusta Kamy Uchendu


Sligo city

I walk these streets day and night
Know it better than most people do
I see things that make me think
I don’t talk I keep it all in my head
But any smart person knows Sligo city is a system
It’s like a ham and cheese sandwich
The gangs who run the city are the bottom bread
The cheese are the rich high end of Sligo but “SOFT”
The “HAM” or “BEEF” the middle class the less well off the strong to cut
The top bread is da police who make sure it’s all G.

William Moore



Guest Speakers

 Last year the TYs attended different talks. on a variety of subjects in the school. We have had people in from all walks of life including a foreign ambassador, a Holocaust survivor and an Olympic medallist!

Yuichi Yamada the press secretary for the Japanese Ambassador to Ireland visited the school. He spoke about Japanese culture and how different it is compared to Ireland. He also spoke about how secondary school children in Japan lived their lives and the different routines they have. He outlined the work the Japanese Embassy does in Ireland and how important it is. We also watched videos from Japan showing the beautiful scenery and encouraging us to visit Japan on holiday.


Before Christmas, a guest speaker from Aware Ireland came to visit the school as part of the Beat the Blues programme. This programme promotes positive mental health and helps students fight depression and stress. One of the tools used was The Coping Triangle which students can use in everyday situations to help relieve stress and understand what is going on around them.

irish heart foundation logo

In April, the Transition Year students had a talk from the Irish Heart Foundation , about staying heart healthy.

They learned about the importance of healthy eating and exercise, which can help prevent cardiac arrest and strokes. 

They also learned about the importance of knowing CPR, in case of an emergency.  All of our TY’s learn CPR, as part of their First Aid module. 

All the TY’s found this very interesting and informative. 

Last week, Sonia O’Sullivan, the World Champion athlete from Cork, visited the school while she was in Sligo for the Schools Cross-Country Championship. She spoke to the school at assembly in Calry Church. Among many things, she talked about her experience running in the cross-country championships when she was in secondary school and about the mental drive and determination it takes to compete at the highest level in sport.

Sonia OSullivan and 5k run

A past-pupil of the school, Jenni Molloy came back to visit the senior school during the year. She studied Business and Law in University College Dublin, UCD, and is now pursuing a career in Human Resource Management. She spoke about the different career paths involving business and she helped us to understand the wide range of courses available to study at university.

We were also delighted to have holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental in to talk to the school. Tomi and his family were captured and sent to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1944. They were kept there until the camp was liberated in 1945. 35 members of Tomi’s family perished during this time with only him, his mother, aunt and cousin coming out alive. Tomi moved to Ireland in 1959 and has lived here ever since. His talk was extremely eye-opening to all the horrors that went on during that period in history.


The school also had a guest speaker from Smart Futures in to talk to the Transition Year students about careers in STEM which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Mark Mulligan, a volunteer for Smart Futures works in the Technology sector and he spoke to us about the different career options available in STEM. He encouraged us to choose science subjects for our Leaving Certificate as it helps to prepare for university courses in STEM.

The school also had a guest speaker in from Focus Ireland and a mountaineer who trekked across the Nepali Himalayas. These talks were great experiences and really improved our Transition Year.






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