Sligo Grammar School offers Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Agricultural Science to Leaving Cert higher level. We also offer Applied Maths which many students feel complements their studies in physics.



TY and 5th year students who are entering The Certified Irish Angus Beef Schools Competition 2019 were delighted to have the opportunity to speak with Ms Ann Derwin who was Chief Economist in the Dept. of Agriculture & Food, 2010 – 2015 and Assistant Secretary Corporate Affairs (Dept. of Agriculture & Food) 2015 – 2017. Ms Derwin spoke to the girls about the place of women in Irish farming and the issues surrounding succession and inheritance with regard to wives/daughters in Irish Agriculture. 


During Science Week the science teachers organised science-related activities for all junior classes. First Years had a scavenger hunt around the school where they had to find an array of different things, ranging from a hairy plant leaf to a feather. A poster competition was organised for the Second Years. The brief: To inform us about a scientist of their choice, including their birthplace, their most important scientific work and the dates on which it was done. The posters are on display outside the Chemistry and Physics Labs. Third year students had to scan QR codes to find the symbol of an element from the Periodic Table and if they got it right a word would be revealed. Nine Sixth year students took part in the ISTA science quiz in the IT and although they didn’t place, they acquitted themselves well and were a credit to their school. Well done!
The science department in the school is a very active one, reflecting the increasingly important role the sciences play in education and life today. Thanks to our dedicated science teachers for organising the Science Week activities.


SciFest 2018

This year our TY students entered the SciFest Science Fair held in Sligo IT. The SciFest programme aims to encourage a love of science, technology and maths through inquiry-based learning. Students are asked to present and display their scientific investigations, which cover a huge range of areas of interest. Three TY science projects from Sligo Grammar School entered and Callum Maguire received a “highly commended” for his project investigating “The Reflection of Light Off Wet and Dry Tarmac”. 
Chloe Lopez’s project asked an interesting question: “Is There a Connection Between a Person’s Nationality and Their Willingness to Solve Problems?” 
Dawn McCauley and Liam Kearney presented their investigation into “Invasive Plant Species Along the Garavogue River”
This is only the second year that SGS has entered the SciFest Fair and our students have found it very worthwhile.
Well done all!

Aberdeen Angus Competition 2018

Science Quizzes!



Ethan Johnston,

Saoirse Gillmore,

FInn Grennan



My rings tell such a story
Of years past with gracious glory
Where I live is where I stay
From that spot I cannot stray
From my home man takes me
So they can erect another home, you see
Many others bore into my sides
These things that crawl and things that glide
I weep with beauty or stand with grace
Every year I shed myself to nourish my place

What am I?

And the answer is….

 I am a tree.

My rings are produced every year, just one, and how large it is tells a story of how that particular year was. Where I grow is where I stay, as I cannot pick up and move.Men cut me down to make their own homes, and creatures such as birds and squirrels live in me. When I shed my leaves they put nutrients into the ground which keep it fertile.

Science Quiz Prize-winners

Visits and Lectures

The new Junior Cycle science programme includes the study of space. To introduce this subject to our 1st and 2nd year students, the SGS Science Department organised a special “Earth and Space Day”. “Sirius”, a company formed scientists who had formerly worked in the Armagh Planetarium, visited the school and presented a 3D show exploring the many fascinating aspects of space. They discussed the importance and benefits of space exploration as well as the dangers associated with it. They also gave the students an idea of what the work of an astronaut is like. This subject is always a fascinating one for students and the 1st and 2nd years really enjoyed the presentation. Thanks to the scientists from “Sirius” for their show and lecture, and also thanks to our Science teachers who organised the visit.

Visits to Sligo IT to hear Science Lectures

The Junior science students had a lecture and demonstration about Maritime Ecology. 


 2016 17 was a busy year for our science students. 

Junior Cert students have been busy this year doing a long list of experiments in biology, physics and chemistry. The written reports they do on these experiments will account for 10% of their JC science marks. 

20170322_141747 20170322_141755

In the final term our Ty students took part in the SciFest competitions. This competition endeavours to encourage interest in all the sciences as well as in IT and Mathematics. 

There were several groups from SGS taking part and they all found the experience to be very beneficial. Our Science teachers hope to enter SciFest again next year. 

During February Senior students went to Sligo IT to hear about the life and achievements of Irish scientist Robert Boyle. 

Science lecture science lecture poster IMG-20170207-WA0000

Paddy Bird from 5th Year has done the school proud as a prizewinner in the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition 2017.  In the finals of the competition Paddy emerged with a fantastic third place overall in the senior individual category of his group – the Chemical, Physical and Technology Category. His project was to develop and produce a special filter incorporated with graphene to be used to purify contaminated water. The idea has great potential for use in countries around the world where water contamination is  a serious issue. Paddy is hoping to further develop his idea – and maybe make a real contribution to humanity! Many thanks to Paddy’s science teacher,  Ms. Tiernan, for all her help and encouragement.

Resized_20170111_115244 BT Young Scientist and Technology prizewinner, Paddy Bird third place prizewinner

 During Science Week our students were invited to solve some science problems which were posted around the school. Check the quiz out below.



And below are the winners of the quiz.

1157 1156 1155

Earlier in the term Science students were also winners in the Senior Regional Science Quiz..  Well done to Enola Baravaeva, Jun Sung Jeon and Andrew Wood -Martin   on their award.

Science quiz science quiz 1


In January the Leaving Cert Chemistry students went to NUI Maynooth to  do their Leaving Cert experiments in the University Laboratories.

chemistry lab 4 chemistry lab 3 chemistry lab 2 6th yr. Science Students at Maynooth University Labs chemistry lab 5

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