Student Council


The Student Council is a central part of the life of the Sligo Grammar School.                                                                                                              

The team of fourteen members gather about twice a month. Their challenge  is to channel new ideas  from the student body.  There is a male and female representative for each school year whose job it is to liaise with their fellow students to  help make decisions about things that will make school life run more smoothly. The representatives for each year then meet with the Principal and the Vice Principal to make decisions.  

The Head boy and Head girl chair all meetings and help with the decision-making.


Elections are held at the beginning of every year to choose the representatives from each class group. 

This year’s Student Council is:

  • 1st Yr:   Agustine Bamber &  Zoe Alexander
  • 2nd Yr:  Oisin Joyce & Erin Nielsen
  • 3rd Yr:  Carla Blennerhassett &  Odhran McAuley
  • TY:    Eoin McCormack & Ellen Smith
  • 5th Yr:  Patrick Feeney & Aenya Greene
  • 6th Yr:  Liam Needham &  Eimear Ryan

2015/16 Report

The representatives from each year were elected at the end of September 2015.  They met every two weeks to discuss any issues that had been raised by students. 

Our Student Council is affiliated with the Irish Second-Level Student Union. During Easter, two members, Patrick Feeney and Aenya Greene traveled to Liberty Hall Theatre in Dublin, to attend the ISSU AGM 2016. The theme for the AGM was: “Creating the Student Proclamation”.

This year the Student Council wanted to get better bathroom facilities, and they successfully had new mirrors and automated air fresheners installed in the toilets. They also had more clocks installed around the school and in classrooms.

The Council has been working with Tidy Towns, and have organised a clean-up day for the TYs later in the year.



2014/15 Report

A male and female representative was elected from each year in early October 2014.  We met once every two weeks in the library to discuss student issues. In2014/15 we focussed on small issues that make a huge difference to student life such as fixing lockers, getting more benches and coat racks.

We also collaborated with the TYs in their initiative to get a new school jacket for next year. Each representative got feedback from their year groups so that the TYs are could put these plans into action.

The Student Council have managed to get bike racks , working clocks in every classroom , to turn the heating on in the Herm to get the boys rugby changing rooms cleaned more often and a suggestion box in the school.

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