Past Pupils

Greetings to all of our Past Pupils from the Past Pupils Committee.

When the Past Pupils Association was formed many years ago it had two objectives in mind; 1. To keep former pupils in touch with the school and one another, and, 2. To maintain a permanent Association with a close interest in the present and future welfare of the School. (Taken from the rules of the Association)

Each year it is a struggle to reform the Committee with enough interested members to carry on these objectives. Yet each year a small, but dedicated committee is formed. And it is thanks to the committee, who give generously of their time, that we are able to organize the Past Pupil Reunion.

In the last few years the reunions have become extremely successful. Past Pupils are delighted to visit the school and see all the changes. The short service in Calry Church brings back many memories of weekends at the boarding houses. This year we are delighted to welcome back Past Pupils who have not returned in fifty years.

There are changes ( as yet undecided) and challenges ahead in the schools future. These changes will take time, but ultimately ensure the continuation of a school that we can be proud of.

As Past Pupils is there is any way that you feel that you can contribute to our two objectives, please do. Speak to any of the committee members or contact the committee through the school.

We encourage you to add your details to the guest book as many of our records need to be updated.

We hope to meet you at a reunion in the not to distant future.

Reunion 2016

Our next reunion will be held in October 2016. It will be targeted at the past pupils of all the sixes – 2006, 1996, 1986, 1976, 1966, 1956……. and anyone else who wishes they were a 6-er!!! and indeed anyone who wants to come back to say hello.

Information can be got from our FaceBook page – SGS PPA. Look us up and keep in touch.

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