L.C. Results 2017

Posted on : September 7, 2017

Once more this year Sligo Grammar School Leaving Cert. students have produced a fantastic set of results. As a group they scored very high points, way above national averages. Many exceeded their expectations, especially those who worked consistently since the beginning of fifth year. Many students did a far better Leaving Cert than their Junior Cert results had suggested. Hard work and dedication resulted in the excellent points score below:





Over 600 points



Over 500 points



Over 400 points




As well as doing so well with regard to Leaving Cert results, our students did very well with regard to third level places. A huge 64% of the Class of 2017 were offered University places both at home and abroad. The breakdown of these University places is as follows:





Universities in the Republic of Ireland


European and UK Universities inc. The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Switzerland


Deferred University place to take a Gap year


Repeating Leaving Cert . All were offered places on the strength of their 500+ points but wish to try for more points so as to get the course they want.

TOTAL: 64%



The remaining 36% of the Class of 2017 are continuing their education in different ways.





Institutes of Technology


Post Leaving Cert Courses. These students include some who have deferred University places for a year in order to further their studies in Art and Music before taking up their University place.


Apprenticeship and RAF trainee


On a gap year during which they will work and think aboutwhat area of study they want to pursue at 3rd level next year.


When we look at these statistics is clear that the so-called “definitive” league tables published in the National newspapers are far from correct. The make no mention of the many students who go to Universities in the UK and abroad. Their achievements are completely ignored. If this misrepresentation is true of our school, you can be sure it is also true of many schools around the country, especially those which are not close to University Cities. Sligo Grammar School is justifiably proud of their 2017 Leaving Cert students and we wish them well in their future studies.

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