Business Studies


Business Studies is offered at both Junior and Leaving Cert level. We also offer Accounting at Leaving Cert. 

Students of these subjects are given the opportunity to visit businesses in the locality as well as farther afield. These field trips allow students see business in action and makes their classroom studies more relevant. Below is a flavour of the many activities in business and Accounting this year. 

2018 – 2019



(reporters: Claudia and Jessica)
For our 1st year Business Enterprise project we came up with the idea of selling churros and chocolate at breaktime. With the help of Spanish teacher Ms Martin, who provided us with the goods, and business teacher Mrs Lipsett who advised us on price, we sold €224 worth of churros and chocolate at €3 each, making a profit of €144. This meant that each student earned €8 each. On 14th May we used these earnings to go on atrip to Mammy Johnstons in Strandhill. At 9.30 we took the public bus to Strandhill which cost €1.40 each way. Our group was extremely excited as this was a new experience for most of us. When we arrived at Mammy Johnstons everyone was dying to get a taste of crepes or ice-cream. We all felt proud and extremely satisfied that we had earned this trip for ourselves. We are also very grateful to our teachers Ms Lipsett and Ms Martin and to Mammy Johnstons, fo allowing this trip to happen.

Below are photos from the many activities and field trips the SGS Business students were involved in this year. 

This year was a  busy one for the business department in SGS. The term has been marked by visits to business both in Sligo and farther afield. These field trips are central to the Business courses at both Junior and Senior level. Actually seeing business at work makes it all so real and relevant for the students and this experience is reflected in their understanding of the subject. The term started off with a visit by 1st yrs to a local small business, the TeaShed at Glencar. Later in the term they visited Butlers Chocolate Factory in Dublin and saw how a big business functions. In partnership with the HE students the 1st yrs set up their own small business, Sweet Dreams, and sold cupcakes to staff and parents at a stall in the foyer. The LCVP class visited Abbot Ireland as part of their Leaving Cert course and the 6th year Business class organised a Business Breakfast with Sligo Chamber of Commerce at which they donated a hamper to St Vincent de Paul. At an Accounting Workshop in Sligo IT Grace O’Sullivan won an i-pad in a business/accounting competition. Finally, four Junior Cert 2018 Business students were awarded Excellence Awards for their Junior Cert results. 


On Wednesday 10th October four TY students travelled to NUI Galway to collect special awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Junior Cert.
Business Studies exam, 2018. Ammar Khan, Aoife O’Donnell, Yeji Kim and Rachel Thorpe all received an “A” grade in higher Level Business Studies, the only non-core Junior Cert subject with two exam papers. The award was presented by NUI Galway’s College of Business, Public Policy and Law in conjunction with the Business Studies Teachers Association of Ireland. Over 7,000 students sit this subject at Junior Cert level and of these only 8% are awarded an “A” grade. Well done to the four excellent students!

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