Artist in Residence

Posted on : April 20, 2023

For the past number of weeks the fifth year Art class has been involved in the BLAST Residency Initiative. This is a National project designed to bring practicing artists into schools to work with students. The fifth year students have had the opportunity to work  with local artist Lorna Watkins. Based in Sligo Lorna works in a wide variety of media and her work has been exhibited in Ireland and abroad. The fifth year students had a great experience working with her. The work they have produced is fresh and full of vitality and has helped them understand why we “do” Art.  Ms Hynes, their Art Teacher said “The students experienced how Lorna approaches her work and this has really opened their minds with regard to the artistic process. The way their work has evolved and changed throughout the course of the Residency has been very interesting and it has taught them that all work is really a “work in progress”. It will really help them in their own work and in the Leaving Cert Visual Studies section”.  The students themselves found the project great fun and a bit of a revelation. Lorna’s mantra “what if….” has become part of their vocabulary and has really helped them become more curious and enquiring artists. A great experience!

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