Mission and Ethos



Sligo Grammar School aims to promote excellence in an inclusive and supportive community that reflects Christian values, where each member is enabled to achieve his or her full potential in life and in learning.


The ethos of the school reflects its Church of Ireland background. The Church of Ireland is part of the Anglican tradition. Like any school, Sligo Grammar School values the qualities of learning, justice, individual achievement and wholeness. But its Church of Ireland ethos means that it first of all is a Christian School which operates within and encourages Christian values and faith. The experience of sharing in the life of this community is itself an important part of the Christian education quite apart from the formal content learned in the classroom. 

Worship is part of the school life and the school has an assembly in the morning which includes an act of worship. Integral to the school calendar are a Prize Day Service and a Carol Service and a final Valedictory Service for Form 6. The Christian message is taught in RE programs with opportunities given for discussion of moral and spiritual issues and values. Understanding and tolerance of the sincerely held beliefs of those of other traditions is also taught. The aim is to equip the pupils to make informed choices about personal faith for their individual lives.

In keeping with its Anglican background: 

1. The school values unity in diversity. The school encourages tolerance and acceptance. It promotes an ethic of care and respect for others. Our identity together is not because we think alike but because we act together and because each individual is valued.

2. The school encourages the use of informed reason. It values academic rigour and diligence whilst remaining open to and encouraging of ideas and debate. 

3. The school has a long tradition both as a faith based school and as a community. It values its religious and social heritage.

4. Anglicanism promotes social responsibility in its service ethic and consequently the school prides itself on its involvement in and contribution to the local community. The pursuit of justice is valued both within the school and the wider world.

5. The school expects an acceptance of personal responsibility. Self discipline and an acceptance of personal responsibility for decisions and actions is cultivated. 

We recognise that these values while essentially Anglican are not unique to Anglicanism.

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